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We are Matt and Jill McLaughlin…both born and raised in the Illinois Valley, with the gorgeous Starved Rock State Park as our neighbor. We have been blessed with five beautiful children…Anna, Will, Julia, Evan and Kyle, who are our world. As you can imagine, our everyday lives are anything but ordinary. We are OK with that! We want our lives and the lives of those around us to be EXTRAORDINARY! As busy parents, coffee has been a lifeline for us…a definite necessity in our day. Not long ago, we stumbled upon artisan coffee and it was like nothing we had ever tasted…coffee went from a daily necessity to a daily EXPERIENCE for us. We can never go back to “ordinary” coffee again. We had a strong desire to share this experience with others. We reached out to some of the best roasters in the business to train and learn all we could about this beautiful craft. We roast only the highest quality, Arabica beans on the market. We source from producers who are well paid and highly respected for their talents. Here at Starved Rock Coffee Company, we believe that an extraordinary day can start with an exceptional cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that you can feel good about drinking…one that warms your soul, awakens your senses, and is carefully and thoughtfully crafted. We are so thrilled and honored to share this experience with you!

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Matt and Jill McLaughlin