Turning Leaves Fall
Turning Leaves Fall
Turning Leaves Fall

    Turning Leaves Fall


    Origin: Guatemala and Mexico

    Region: Fraijanes and Jeltenango, Chiapas

    ProducerDina Monterroso and Montana Maya

    Process: Washed

    Roast: Medium

    Notes: Balanced, cocoa, caramel, dried fruit, maple syrup

    This year, our Turning Leaves is a beautiful blend of beans from Guatemala and Mexico. We were thrilled when we cupped these high scoring lots. The Guatemala adds its famous caramel and dark chocolate kick, while the Mexico softens with an unmatched nutty sweetness. With balanced, classic notes of cocoa, caramel, dried fruit and maple syrup, we found a perfect fit for this year’s Turning Leaves!

    Our Guatemala producer, Dina Monterroso is one of the primary members of Cooperativa El Cerrito. As a fourth generation coffee producer Dina has taken on the responsibility of carrying on the family tradition. As one of the few woman members of the cooperative she has demonstrated her leadership by being one of the largest producers to deliver coffee to the co-op while never compromising the quality of her coffee.

    This beautiful coffee from Mexico Chiapas continues to impress us year after year. We can always count on our suppliers to find us these full bodied cups that ooze chocolate and sugar browning notes on the table. Our supplier's on the ground agronomist supports the farmers with good agricultural practices to ensure their resilience year after year.